Who We Are

We are a Latin American company with 14 years of experience committed to quality and commitment to the needs of our customers, with which we show our gratitude for the preference of these towards our products and services.

Our total quality policy is supported by our work team for which we promote, facilitate and encourage collaboration, achieving synergy for the fulfillment of our mission and vision.

Our History

REASA was founded in 2003 by visionary entrepreneurs in El Salvador who believed in the great potential for economic development in our region.By using the latest technology, REASA is the leading supplier specializing in high carbon wire for mattresses and upholstery industries in Central America, the Caribbean and Northern South America

Quality Polity

Satisfy the needs of our customers to ensure their satisfaction. Manufacture products with international quality standards.Continually improve in everything we do. Create and maintain a work environment that allows growth, security and development of our staff, also the protection and care of our environment.


Thinking about the current demands of the steel market. Its main aim is to provide a product of high quality. In addition, we maintain a strict quality control by subjecting our products to rigorous testing to international standards.

Be the leading supplier of drawn wire for industries and special purpose mattress, through the transformation of raw materials, using automated systems of technology, encouraging teamwork and integrating the skills and abilities of our staff to satisfy the needs and demands of our customers, under international quality standards.

Consolidate and expands as wire drawing Company in the Americas, developing products tailors to the needs of our markets, under international standards of quality, advancing with the technology and protecting the environment.



It’s the discipline to fulfill our commitments on time


We have the permanent attitude of search solutions, for creating new products,improving quality, strengthening our identity and so maintain growth and profitability; fostering creativity, research and development of our employees, in order to be a competitive Company


We encourage to our employees the ability to be a positive influence in your team to get better customer results.


Doing things at the best way that never harm others; assuming consequences of our words, actions, decisions and commitments


We recognize all employees equally, respecting their rights and dignity, reflecting an educated and decent treatment that recognizes the diversity of people without discrimination.


We are honest in or daily activities, we seek to be an example for our colleagues, our customers and suppliers; accepting and telling the truth.

Commitment Our Costomers

We are committed to working professionally and consistently to achieve full satisfaction of our customers, anticipating their needs and having excellent relationships with them


Promote, facilitate, share and encourage collaboration and teamwork of employees who are part of the organization, achieving synergy to fulfill our mission and vision.