We maintain a strict quality control by submitting our product to rigorous tests according to international standards ASTM-A407 and JIS-G3521 in our Quality Laboratory.

Standar ASTM A-407 Steel wire, cold drawn, for spiral type spring.

Standard Specification for Steel Wire, Cold-Drawn, for Coiled-Type Springs. This standard establishes specifications round wire, cold drawn, with expected quality properties and manufacturing steel springs Upholstery Types:

  • Type A—Coiled (Marshall pack).
  • Type B—Coiled and knotted.
  • Type C – Coiled and knotted (offset style).
  • Type D – Coiled and hooked (single and cross helicals).
  • Type E – Coiled and hooked (short tension—regular tensile strength).
  • Type F – Coiled and hooked (short tension—high tensile strength).
  • Type G – Regular lacing.
  • Type H – Automaticlacing.
  • These types of upholstery springs are used in the manufacture of bed spring units, mattresses, furniture cushions, and automobile seats. This wire is not intended for the manufacture of mechanical springs.

Standar JIS G3521 This Japanese industrial standard specifies the hard drawn Steel wires, hereafter referred to as the "wires".

1. Applicable standards to this standard are as follows:

  • JIS G3506 High Carbon Steel wire Rods.
  • JIS Z2241 Method of tensile test for metallic materials.

2. Corresponding International Standards to this Standard are as follows:

  • ISO 3458-1: 1989 Steel wire for mechanical springs (part 1).
  • ISO 3458-2: 1989 Steel wire for mechanical springs (part 2).

Standar ISO 9001:2008

Since to 2016 we are a certified company under ISO 9001: 2008

For REASA the International Standard ISO 9001, is part of a series of procedures based on a quality management system which offers fundamental management principles that can be applied in our processes.

Nowadays, to be competitive is a key factor and the ISO 9001 Certification, is without a doubt, an essential requirement to strengthen our organization and its business relations. Therefore, establishing a key pillar to maintain in time; quality products and services.

Implementing ISO 9001:2015

Thought in the satisfaction and the generation of solutions for our clients, REASA, you have decided to adopt the ISO 9001: 2015 QUALITY MODEL, responding to the demands of the current market.