Quality Control.

In Reasa® we pay special attention to the selection of Raw Material, using certified steel with grade carbon. During the manufacture of our products an analysis of the different variables in our processes is carried out, to guarantee the quality of our products and satisfaction in each one of our clients.

We have an advanced laboratory of Chemical and Mechanical tests, to meet the requirements of our customers according to international standards ASTM - A407 and JIS G - 3521


Consists of a cold process of stretching a wire through a series of cone shaped dies. This reduction in the section area of the material provides increased tensile strength and enhances it’s mechanical properties.

Chemical Analysis of Steel

Our Company always at the forefront of technology and according to the requirements of our quality controls and our customers, has acquired a German manufacturing and innovative instrument, whose purpose is to obtain a complete chemical analysis of steel.

During the manufacturing process all our products are tested ,with the following equipment
The tests to which the samples are subjected are:

  • Diameter and ovality measurement with online laser technology.
  • Diameter and ovality measurement with laser technology, according to rules ASTM A407.
  • Tensile strength machine according to rules ASTM A407.
  • Torsiometer, instrument that applies a moment to the specimen, to reach the cutting effort.
  • Instruments for measuring residual lubricant film.
  • Laser spectrometer to determine the chemical composition of the steel.
  • Tests are taken at the beginning and end of each coil processed.

Our Laboratory